Friday, December 09, 2005

Blackberry 7520

I am the proud owner of a Blackberry 7520 from Nextel. First off, let me say that no one does e-mail like Blackberry. I am receiving my gmail and exchange e-mail off of our server seemlessly. It pulls it real-time and has no hickups in delievery. I also like the web browser function. Sure, it has it's flaws, but you can't expect desktop performance, it is a handheld. This one device allows me to stay connected to my customers, contacts, and family and not have to worry about missing something important. The direct connect feature is also nice, as all of my family and friends carry Nextel phones. The data plan is also reasonable at $49.99/month for unlimited e-mail and web browsing. All in all, this device is what I have been looking for to meet my communication needs. I know, I didn't post any of the technical jargon that others post. I figure that you don't need to hear it from me, I just wanted to let everyone know that if you are looking for an all around stable communications device, Blackberry is the way to go.