Thursday, December 08, 2005

New Device

I recently acquired the Dell Axim X-50. I have owned many PDA's in the past, but I can already tell that this Axim is far above the rest. I have religiously bought PALM products for the past few years. I was more comfortable with the PALM OS platform rather that Windows Mobile. I must say that since I received this PDA, I love Windows Mobile. Yes, I know that it has it's share of the typical MS flaws, but being a "geek", I am willing to put up with it. The VGA screen that enables me to either use landscape or portrait mode is awesome. I love to use landscape mode when using the internet and then switch back to portrait to do daily activities. This PDA also has bluetooth and WI-FI, which is great. I am not much of a bluetooth user (yet), but I love the WI-FI feature. I haven't had a chance to run test on this device yet, but I will. I will also blog about this device later and post my reviews then.