Monday, March 27, 2006

GO TIGERS!!!!!!!!!

Congrats to the LSU Men's Basketball team for getting into the NCAA Final Four.

Lack of Content

I haven't posted on this site for a couple of weeks for one reason. I decided that I was going to switch over to wordpress and use that exclusively. Well, I have given it much thought and decided that I prefered the overall look and feel of Blogger. So, I am here to stay. I will definetely be posting alot more in the upcoming days b/c I have alot to talk about. Keep an eye out.

Monday, March 06, 2006

We're Back!!!!!

We came back from our "mini-vacation" yesterday. We had a great time camping in Mississippi and were reluctant to come back home. It was 3 days of no phone, no computer, no e-mail, no technology period. Although, I must admit that I was beginning to have withdrawls Saturday night. Yes, I admit it, the constant buzzing of my Blackberry alerting me to e-mail coming in, was beginning to drive me a little nuts. We had a great time fishing, hiking, roasting marshmallows on the campfire and watching the squirrels and racoons on the back porch. My son caught a 600 pound pine tree (Thanks Kaleb!) and my daughter caught a 600 pound oak (thanks Kaitlyn!) Even after having to walk into frigid 50 degree lake water to retrieve fishing lures, I must admit that this was excatly what we needed as a family to reconnect with each other. We are so busy during the week with work, school, dance classes, baseball, basketball and everything else that we do, that we sometimes forget how good we have it. This weekend made us realize that we trully are blessed to have what we have. I took a ton of pictures and will upload them to my Flickr acct as soon as humanly possible.

Yea Blackberry!

"BlackBerry maker Research in Motion said Friday it agreed to pay $612.5 million to patent holding company NTP to settle a long-running dispute that had threatened to shut down the popular wireless e-mail service for its 3 million users. Canadian-based Research in Motion (Research) announced the settlement late Friday ahead of a U.S. judge's expected ruling on damages in the case. Under the settlement, NTP granted RIM the right to keep running its BlackBerry business, the company said in a statement. "The agreement has been finalized and NTP's lawsuit against RIM has been dismissed by a court order," the Canadian company said. "The settlement means no further court proceedings or decisions about damages are necessary." RIM also issued a warning Friday, lowering its 4th-quarter revenue projections. ... Richards said Microsoft and Motorola could have capitalized on RIM's situation by introducing major wireless products, but that they had not done so."

Boy, sure am glad that's over. Now, I can keep on with my crackberry addiction and stop stressing over this!

Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Vacation (mini)

My family and I are leaving tomorrow to go camping. We rented a cabin on Flint Creek in Mississippi. It should be great with our own private beach, fishing 24/7, and best of all.......NO TECHNOLOGY. Yes, I am taking a break from all things electronically powered. No PDA, Blcakberry, Laptop, Desktop, etc... I will bring, however, my mp3 player and digital camera to take endless shots of this great area. I do have one concer, this campground was right in the middle of Hurricane Katrina's path. I called the campground and they confirmed that the cabin we are staying in is great, but the grounds did suffer some damage. I just hope that my little corner of paradise is just that paradise. I really don't want to have to look at downed trees, broken windows, blue roofs, etc... I get enough of that near home. My wife and kids are really looking forward to this little vacation and I can't wait to leave. I will post pics on here when we get back for all to see. Here is the website of the campground, if anyone is interested.