Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Vacation (mini)

My family and I are leaving tomorrow to go camping. We rented a cabin on Flint Creek in Mississippi. It should be great with our own private beach, fishing 24/7, and best of all.......NO TECHNOLOGY. Yes, I am taking a break from all things electronically powered. No PDA, Blcakberry, Laptop, Desktop, etc... I will bring, however, my mp3 player and digital camera to take endless shots of this great area. I do have one concer, this campground was right in the middle of Hurricane Katrina's path. I called the campground and they confirmed that the cabin we are staying in is great, but the grounds did suffer some damage. I just hope that my little corner of paradise is just that paradise. I really don't want to have to look at downed trees, broken windows, blue roofs, etc... I get enough of that near home. My wife and kids are really looking forward to this little vacation and I can't wait to leave. I will post pics on here when we get back for all to see. Here is the website of the campground, if anyone is interested.