Monday, March 06, 2006

We're Back!!!!!

We came back from our "mini-vacation" yesterday. We had a great time camping in Mississippi and were reluctant to come back home. It was 3 days of no phone, no computer, no e-mail, no technology period. Although, I must admit that I was beginning to have withdrawls Saturday night. Yes, I admit it, the constant buzzing of my Blackberry alerting me to e-mail coming in, was beginning to drive me a little nuts. We had a great time fishing, hiking, roasting marshmallows on the campfire and watching the squirrels and racoons on the back porch. My son caught a 600 pound pine tree (Thanks Kaleb!) and my daughter caught a 600 pound oak (thanks Kaitlyn!) Even after having to walk into frigid 50 degree lake water to retrieve fishing lures, I must admit that this was excatly what we needed as a family to reconnect with each other. We are so busy during the week with work, school, dance classes, baseball, basketball and everything else that we do, that we sometimes forget how good we have it. This weekend made us realize that we trully are blessed to have what we have. I took a ton of pictures and will upload them to my Flickr acct as soon as humanly possible.