Thursday, August 24, 2006

We made the switch

After having numerous problems with our local cable company, we made the switch over to Direct TV. I have had hesitation about switching to satellite tv b/c of the concern for local tv channels and signal strength. After talking to local friends who have Direct TV service, my wife and I decided to jump onboard. We just couldn't stand the idea of staying with a local company that screws it's customers. For example, we have had digital cable service from our local provider for about 3 years. Last month, we decided to get rid of the digital service and go back to regular cable b/c we just weren't using the premium channels much. My wife brought the digital receiver back to the cable company and cancelled our subscription. The CSR told her that it would be deducted from our next month's bill and all would be taken care of. It was taken care of alright! This months's cable bill $451.00!!!!WTF!!!!We called the CSR and was told that there wa nothing they could do about it. NOTHING????? Well, there was something that I could do. We called back and sopke to numerous manangers and finally got a refund for the rediculous amount of money and that evening we called and ordered Direct TV. A couple of days later, the installer showed at my house and 4 hours later...Satelite sweetness. The installer did a great job, considering he had to run new cable to 4 rooms, and the signal is great. We got two DVR's and 2 basic receivers (for the kids rooms). I was reluctant to try tis DVR after having Tivo for so long, but I must say that I really like the fact that I can record one show, while watching another. I could rewind 90 minutes, to Tivo's 30. I still haven't figured out how to program a season pass though. I hope that is an available feature. So, in closing, let me just say this: Screw You Vision Communications!!!!!